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#1 _Redrum


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Posted 07 February 2006 - 04:16 AM

This forum is pre-moderated:
All new threads will be approved before being viewed by the public. If your thread does not meet the requirements of this forum or it breaks any of the rules of this forum and/or DesignContest.net, it will either be edited or automatically removed.

This forum has the following format:
The organization of this section is divided into two types of topics; the first for those who wish to critique a design, and the second for those who wish to have their design critiqued. There will be similar guidelines for both topic types, which are (the topic-starter will be referred to as user):

1. Critique a Specific Design
- user must post a design, cropping everything except the design canvas
- user must initiate Poll Type 2 (see below)
- user has the option of presenting the pros of the design
- user must post (well-worded and considerate) cons of the design
- user must post suggestions on improvement (otherwise he/she has nothing productive to offer and the thread will not be approved)
- user has the option of posting personal comments (also in a well-worded and considerate manner; subjective should not mean rude)
- lastly, and I stress this, user MUST STAY ON TOPIC OF DESIGN

2. Have Your Design Critiqued
- user must post a maximum of 3 (numbered) designs for critique
- user must initiate Poll Type 1 (see below)
- user must provide a small explanation for the design (e.g. for work, play…etc)
- remaining users have the option of posting:
___o original critiques
___o replies to others’ critiques
___o example images
___o helpful links
- remaining users should avoid posting:
___o replies aimed directly at other users
___o replies that use slander to make a point
___o replies that are directly/indirectly insulting to another user
- all inappropriate replies (listed above) will be removed
- user has the option of rating the critiques given after a minimum of a week via the forum's rating system

Your thread should have one of two polls:
Poll Type 1 – This will be the type of poll everyone is used to. It should be initiated if and only if you are posting a design “to be critiqued”, not if you are planning on critiquing a design yourself. The numbers in the poll will reflect the quality of the design, as perceived by the voters.

Poll Type 2 - This poll however, will be unique. Instead of voting for the design, which should already be in the “needs some work” category if it is to be viewed publicly as Topic Type 2 in the Case Studies forum, users will vote on the critiques given by the critic. This will not only help the critic see whether their comments are popular, or if they need to rethink their critiques/strategy, but will also let anyone viewing the thread know if these are true design mistakes or not. So that anyone browsing this thread will look at the rating and realize, that either (a) it has a good rating and the design has the problems that the critic says it has, or (b) it has a bad rating, and anyone who sees the critiques will know to ignore them for the most part.

[Note: Although the poll is focused on giving the critic some feedback, the replies should all be design-oriented and should either add to the criticism or provide counterpoints to the criticism. In general, no replies should be specifically directed towards the critic or other users.]

If you do not know how to start a poll, one will be started for you.

After some ‘period of time’, possibly at the end of the month, the most helpful critique threads will be made Sticky for the remainder of the next ‘period of time’. After this, they will be archived (possibly in a sub-forum). Obviously not every thread will make the cut, and only the ones deemed most worthy will be kept alive in plain view and become Case Studies (as per the name of the forum).

[Note: This polling system is only in place to aid the current rating system that is intrinsic to this forum. Users are encouraged to rate threads using both systems to more accurately identify threads that deserve recognition.]
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